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2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee with the 5.7-Liter HEMI Engine Review

Despite its tour in the market, the varied range of the Grand Cherokee with the 5.7-liter HEMI engine still shows it as a very interesting purchase. Here some reasons.

1. Veteran and cash

The HEMI 5.7 has in its favor years and years of proven and improved reliability. As it is still a large iron block with two valves per cylinder, still pushed by rods, without counting that the compression ratio accepts low octane gasoline (87 octane Magna) and, as such, there is not even direct injection. The only technological wink is in the variable distribution or in the disconnection of cylinders in low load situations to reduce consumption, it also already has a lot since its implementation. The V8 is good for 360 horsepower and 390 foot-pounds, which are already available largely from a low regime so many revolutions are not needed to get the best. It is a refined, smooth, forceful, and even engine and car lights in its response.

2. Modernization

Although the first Grand Cherokee equipped with an austere five-speed automatic transmission for about six years, the much more current unit provided by ZF with eight changes and better use of the engine for its lower fall between gears. The greater smoothness or faster took its place when executing reductions. One of the most beloved automatic boxes in the world that not only uses FCA in its Grand Cherokee or in, as they have also achieved good results in products with a longitudinal motor of the Volkswagen or BMW groups.

3. German genes

The Grand Cherokee, in its WK2 generation, is one of those last heirs of the old alliance with Daimler, as its architecture designed as part of the agreement that would also give life to the previous Mercedes-Benz M-Class. The internal code W166 and that shares with the Grand Cherokee a base that includes a suspension of excellent operation and, in the end, a behavior and handling that stands out for its precision and agility that, of course, is naturally limited by a weight that It tends to be high, as in other SUVs of this type. A problem that made the Grand Cherokee famous is because it tended to slip off (the tire got out of the wheel) due to excessive support of the front axle during evasive maneuvers. That carried out in Europe at full load capacity, was corrected by programming the stability control more than five years ago, so those who remember that and consider this vehicle should not worry.

Jeep Grand Cherokee

4. Luxury Version

We have done this article promptly from the Grand Cherokee with the 5.7 because, so there is also a V6 4 × 2 or the brutal SRT and Trackhawk, of the 5.7 there are five versions, or rather four conventional ones and one that we will talk about in the next point.

The first is the Limited ($ 949,900), itself well equipped with 20-inch wheels, Nappa leather, heated side seats and steering wheel, nine-speaker Alpine sound system, blind-spot object detector or the mandatory provision of security with seven airbags and stability control. It is followed by the Limited Advanced ($ 982,900), which adds a special preparation for towing more (3.3 instead of 2.2 tons) through a more robust cooling system, in addition to the installation of the respective couplings. It loses the sunroof but adds in safety an active cruise control, frontal collision alert and lane abandonment, automatic parking aid, or frontal proximity sensors. It seems a good deal for 33,000 extra pesos. From there is the Trailhawk focused on off-road handling with specific decorations, a pneumatic suspension with longer travel for better off-road angles, and extra protections in the low and which costs 29,900 dollars. Closes the Summit ($ 264,900), which is the most luxurious Grand Cherokee also with pneumatic suspension, although with a better-finished interior between open-pore wood or softer-touch. “Laguna” leather. In this, there is a sound system that happens to be Harman / Kardon with 19 speakers.

5. Armored option

FCA is one of the few companies that offers a factory armored vehicle in Mexico; an alternative usually presents in the three main German premium brands (there are independent shielders as well). On the Grand Cherokee Limited Advanced and for 1,777,900 pesos, a level IIIA armor provided under the American NIJ standard, suitable against assaults associated with common crime with short arms type 38, .44, 9 mm or .357, among others.

6. Discretion

In cities whose situation is getting more and more complicated, the Grand Cherokee we believe has a design that is more likely to camouflage itself among the local automotive fauna. Without excessively ostentatious details and an emblem that the thief on foot tends to associate with a very vehicle expensive, which makes it a less likely target in difficult areas or heavy traffic in complex places. Discretion is an argument in favor, and the benefits of a very equipped and capable SUV continue to enjoy.

Jeep Grand Cherokee

7. Correct size

With 4.82 meters long and 1.94 wide, the Grand Cherokee qualifies as a medium-sized SUV pulling large. Still, between the years it has been on the market and the constant growth trend of some of its direct and indirect rivals (this Jeep plays between the conventional and premium brands). It has remained in more reasonable and maneuverable proportions because SUVs of five positions such as a Blazer housing wiht led headlight already go at 4.85, and 1.96 m, respectively (those few centimeters begin to be determinants) or a new GLE is already jumping up to 492 cm in length. Also, influences are not so exaggerated or risky, which helps visibility.

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