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2020 Jeep Compass Debuts: The Analysis of Full Versions

The Jeep compact SUV receives subtle updates that do not change its positioning in a very large segment.

In its second generation, the Jeep Compass suffered a qualitative leap that became evident in virtually all aspects, from design, assembly quality, equipment, and handling, the latter due to the enormous improvement in its suspension and refinement work general.

With that evolution, there was also a modification to its strategy among the diverse offer of compact SUVs. Since it went from being one of the most accessible options to one of the most expensive, to the point that its price range practically begins where they located the most expensive variants of most of its main rivals.

Jeep, of course, wants to position itself as a manufacturer more oriented to luxury and niches that do not cover brands of greater volume. It explained in versions for specific needs such as the Trailhawk, designed for off-road use, and with attributes that do not find in other similar SUVs.

The 2020 range of the Compass is now structured as follows.

Jeep Compass Latitude 2020

Like the other versions, the Latitude uses the well-known four-cylinder 2.4-liter vacuum with 180 horsepower and 175 foot-pounds, which in the front-wheel-drive Compass joins a six-speed automatic transmission, in the case of this Latitude and the Limited and Limited Plus.

The equipment in the Latitude, among the most important, consists of seven airbags, stability control, hands-free access with remote ignition, led headlight system, mixed seats in imitation leather and fabric, rear parking camera, manual air conditioning, wheels of 17-inch or UConnect Infotainment interface through a five-inch touch screen.

Jeep Compass Latitude 2020

Jeep Compass Limited 2020

The Limited justifies the extra to be paid in chrome accents decorating the bodywork, 18-inch wheels, bi-zone air conditioner, leather seats, alert for objects in the blind spot and cross-traffic when reversing. And a larger screen both in the middle of the instrument panel such as the touch panel, which becomes 8.4 inches, while the adjustment of the driver’s seat is electric. Also, a browser and the integration of Google CarPlay and Android Auto added.

Jeep Compass Limited 2020

Jeep Compass 2020 Premium

Over the Limited, the Limited Premium shows advantages, especially in safety, with bi-xenon headlight that are complemented by a different daytime running light and skulls with the same technology. In passing, the full lights turn on or off on their own according to the level of darkness or if they do not detect other users that can be dazzled.

The frontal collision alert, by involuntary lane change, and the active cruise control are also added together with comfort elements ranging from the panoramic roof, the electric gate, or the sound system signed by Beats, nine speakers, and subwoofer. Another distinction is that the roof can be black in contrast to the rest of the body. As an option, it is possible to order 19-inch wheels.

Jeep Compass Limited Premium 2020

Jeep Compass Trailhawk 2020

In the Trailhawk the modifications go far beyond the equipment and the surplus over the Limited Premium even seems little if one takes into account that the traction is already integral with reducer, the box is nine and not six gears, the suspension is specific for rough use in conjunction with styling wheels for better performance in areas with low grip (which require the use of 17-inch wheels), descent control and multiple decorative details of this version, including fascias, red accents inside or emblems

The Trailhawk is the only vehicle with led taillight in its segment that brings together features such as the reducer or off-road skills such as a wading capacity of 48 centimeters, angles of attack, and exit above 30 degrees and protective plates at the bottom to prevent damage during transit in more hostile sites.

Jeep Compass Trailhawk 2020

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