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Jeep Renegade 2019 Driving Review

In a segment with more than ten options, one that mixes a few rational and emotional aspects is interesting. Here a Jeep by spirit, not necessarily by right.

1. Slight changes

For 2019 the Renegade received some visual modifications that, although we did not believe necessary given the fresh and purposeful silhouette of this small SUV, however, it took away a little that functional impression in exchange for some details that seemed to want to communicate more luxury. Thus, the grill and the defense gain a kind of metallic-looking mask, and the lights are optionally replaced by an LED set.

2. Special design

In a diverse niche, there are not so many alternatives that focus on an SUV visual identity. As others appeal to the emotions associated with its natural use in the city and do not resort to the amount of retro or rough signs. Which also by its square figure moves away from that raised car print and does qualify more as what several would call a van, even if it has a lot of cars.

Jeep Renegade

3. Simple mechanics

Although initially it was contemplated with the same mechanics of the Fiat 500X, the Renegade, due to price issues, ended up arriving at our market with a 1.8 four-cylinder E-TorQ family from Fiat and more than tested in Latin America. It is no example of efficiency and performance with just 130 horses and a torque of 134 lb-ft. Still, for the city, its response is sufficient despite a six-speed automatic gearbox that tends to go on the longest changes to try to save fuel. On the road, you will need a little more aggressive driving and little fear of the accelerator to keep pace on our often hostile highways, all at the expense of higher consumption. Anyway, the wide route of the independent suspension in both axes,

4. Another source

From Goiana, Brazil, this regional version of the Jeep Renegade arrives, which in our eyes has not affected the quality of the Italian units that we have been able to drive outside the country on other occasions. Some finishing of the doors varies, but that cabin full of charismatic details that remind of the Jeep of yesteryear or their range brothers, good seats, and a correct space but not abundant remain unchanged. Even some rubber auctions look solid and give it character.

5. Still safe

As much as the country of origin has changed, Jeep maintained Renegade standards in terms of security. We recommend the Latitude and Limited versions to have seven instead of two airbags (all have stability control) and even with two airbags. It was enough for this SUV to get five stars in the Latin NCAP evaluations, although this test is less rigorous than its European equivalent in certain criteria.

Jeep Renegade

6. Above average

Jeep knows the extra arguments of its Renegade. Although dynamic performance is not one of them, some exclusivity charged for obtaining this SUV if we compare what it costs about other similar vehicles by dimensions. A Sport in list price starts from 418,900 pesos, a Latitude in 464,900, and a Limited in 484,900, values ​​that are already approaching the top segment in other brands. To put ourselves in context with a close rival and with a premium access SUV, the complete Kia Soul of all costs 406,900 pesos with a two-liter engine equipment comparable to Renegade Limited. An Audi Q2 with the 1.4 turbo starts at the same 464,900 pesos of the Jeep Renegade Latitude.

7. A slope

Do not forget that the Renegade for sale in Mexico is front-wheel drive and, although its clearance allows some difficulty escape, it is far from being what more than one expects of a Jeep. In markets such as the US, there is Trailhawk version, in addition to a 2.4-liter 180-horsepower propeller and a nine-speed box. It is factory equipped with heavy-duty tires, an even higher and stronger suspension, protections on the low and even a reducer, which with some expertise, enables him to overcome challenges usually reserved for a Cherokee or Grand Cherokee.

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