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Tips to Help You Drive With Snow

Winter brings very good aspects, such as enjoying the snow and Christmas and others that are very scary, such as freezing the asphalt and losing control of the vehicle as happened to those who began to collide with each other without control. But if you know how to react, you have a good part in your favor.

It may go unnoticed, but clothing is an important point if we drive with snow: do not use, as it will prevent you from feeling the pedals. The clothes must be light. Otherwise, our movements can be limited and slowed down. Other fundamental rules are to increase the safety distance, bring the road lights on, and drive smoothly.

drive with snow

The first is to start the car; if you do not have a garage and you are in the street, it may be up to snow. Make sure you have a full tank; If you get stuck in the snow, you can use the heating.

You will have to prevent your vehicle from skidding at the start, so it is best to accelerate gradually and not revolutionize the engine. However, if you continue skating, you will have to use a higher speed to reduce the force applied to the wheels and to drag the vehicle.

Once in operation, the most sensible thing is to use chains or and to circulate in long gears at no more than 40 km / h, driving very smoothly, steering wheel, brake and accelerator to maintain control. On the road, you will find the grooves of the wheels of other cars, and that will be your best way to avoid having to drive on snow if you have questions about placing chains.

If the car rules, it is necessary to accelerate to recover the balance, and in no case to brake, since this would accentuate the imbalance of the rear.

drive with snow

Braking is one of the most important moments since you can find ice sheets that can make your car behave unpredictably. So you have to slow down with small blows to control the direction, not reduce in ascents or descents, and provide in advance the braking to perform them very smoothly.

If your brake and notice that the car skates, lift the foot of the accelerator, gently so as not to decrease the adhesion, correct the trajectory and brake again until you control the car, all this if you are not on an ice plate. If you lose control of the car on an ice plate, you have to keep calm, and especially do not touch the brake. Gently lift your foot from the accelerator and get ready to drive the car only with the steering wheel since if you accelerate, you will skate much more And your car will be uncontrollable.

drive with snow

When you are in a curve, you will have to do it at a reduced speed and take it flexibly and constantly, to prevent the tire from losing contact and not responding. Very importantly, being already within the curve you carry a slow and regular speed to Don’t lose the address.

If the car rules, it is necessary to accelerate to recover the balance, and in no case to brake, since this would accentuate the imbalance of the rear.

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