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How to Clean the Windshield of Your Car

When we finish a trip, especially in summer, or when we have left it for several days, our windshield always asks for a shouting wash. Doing so is easy, but it may not be as simple as it seems since, given the dryness of the environment, we remove the “wiper blades,” and we intend to remove them only with them and with the glass cleaner in the car.

Error because, if we do it with the car in motion, we can reduce our visibility through the glass dramatically and thus increase the risks of suffering an accident. Ninety percent of the information we receive at the wheel of our car comes to us through the view, and this works basically with what it perceives through the windshield and the rest of the car’s glazed surfaces. Hence we insist that you take them as clean and crystalline as possible.


Also, with the incorporation of ADAS systems on the windshields, these have become an important safety element. Its sensors capture information through the windshield for the operation of many functions and systems of the car. In the same way that your vision of the environment reduced, your Data collection could also be affected, with all that this can mean and produce. Thus, wearing clean and well-washed glasses is increasingly necessary.

It is best to opt for preventive tactics first. The establishments specializing in repairs and maintenance of the glass of a car offer low-cost preventive treatments that, like the rainwater or snowflakes, slide better when falling on the glazed surfaces, prevent the Remains of insects, or the dust that hits them sticks to them. With this, what we will achieve is that the cleaning work is much faster and easier.

If we opt for the more traditional method, water, and soap, the best way to remove mosquitoes is to use a cleaning degreasing product that we usually have at home and, conveniently mixed with water, distribute it on the surface to clean. It is important to let the product act, so do not proceed to rub immediately but leave ample time before using the cloth.


Both to distribute the cleaning liquid you are going to use and to rub on the glass, and you must use suitable elements that do not scratch or damage the surface of the glass. If you use very rigid rags or brushes with very hard bristles, when contacting the elements deposited on the surface of the glass and moving them, we will move the harder particles and scratch the glass. When this occurs, we weaken our windshield and make it more vulnerable to impacts and strong temperature changes that occur in different seasons.

If you did what we have told you, it would be much easier to remove the remains of the mosquitoes from the windshield. If you are also in a place where you can use hot water (never boiling, because that can damage or even cause the glass to burst), it will be even easier. Always use a soft cloth or a soft bristle brush, and without exceeding the pressure, you apply on the glass, always move them on the surface with rotating movements. If the remains of accumulated insects or dust do not go away, mixing water with baking soda in a microfiber cloth to clean also produces good results.


If what has accumulated on the glass is the sand of the beach that lifts the air, the best system that you can use is the same that took it there: to breathe air. But of course, we don’t all have enough lung capacity for it or a compressor at hand. If you rub directly, scratch the glass with the consequences already mentioned. The best thing you can do then is first to pour water without too much pressure from the top of the windshield to remove as much sand from it and then clean it normally. In these cases, carrying a carafe of water in the trunk is a solution that, especially in summer, does not hurt to adopt.

Wearing your glasses in good condition and properly clean can also avoid dislikes. Apart from those derived from a bad view of the environment, it would help if you remembered that precisely this summer is the first time that the Civil Guard Traffic Association has included in its inspection campaigns the windshield revision as one of the elements to observe. A symptom of the growing importance less and less simple piece of glass has for your safety, who accompany you on your trip and other users of the road.

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