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How to Drive on the Road With Stones and Rocks

It is less common to drive off the asphalt. Most cars are not able to get off the road (nor are most SUVs as much as they want to appear), and most users don’t even have that need. That would leave us with exceptions such as rural areas, with worse infrastructure, or with those users who are looking for it expressly. For them, we want to review some tips for driving on stones and rocks.

Because it is one thing to roll on a compact dirt road, which could have similar wear on our vehicle than asphalt, and another to do it on stones of different sizes. This surface will be one of the most intense, one of the most damaging to our car. That is why it is important to know, first of all, that it is not advisable to approach it with any vehicle. Refrain practical, compact, and 90% of current SUVs.

drive on stones

To have a car ready to drive on stony terrain, you have to take a look at the suspension. You have to be able to absorb all irregularities (which with stones are constant) at any rate. It is also important to keep a considerable clearance to the ground so that the bulkiest objects do not damage the car. In this section, some extra protections recommended in the low, as well as in the most exposed areas.

Another of the elements that are of great importance are the tires, which are in direct contact with the ground. We have already talked long and hard about choosing an off-road tire. At this point, we could say that for the stones, we would choose some with the label M / T  (Mud Terrain).

drive on stones

What we look for in these tires is that they have a very reinforced structure, especially on the flanks, so that they can adapt to sudden changes in the surface without breaking. Wide rubber studs and a drawing with very large depth will also help. As for the pressures, there has always debated. With low pressure, there is more grip, while with high pressure, there is less risk of bursting the tire. In any case, better respect what is recommended by the manufacturer.

In these environments, it is more than advisable to have a spare wheel of normal size and road with the same type of tire. You are always more likely to click on stones than on asphalt, and it will be appreciated to have that guarantee. And of course, follow other tips for off-road driving. It is necessary to adapt the speed to look for the ideal route without making sudden movements. And to maintain first of all the attention and patience.

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