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5 Tips to Extend the Life of Your Engine

The car’s engine is its heart. It is not an exaggeration. The healthier you are, the better the car will perform, and the better all the elements will work.

We all also know a lot about the care that doctors recommend to have a healthy heart and live longer. But can the car’s engine, your heart, prolong your life? Of course, and we have talked to the best “cardiologists” of the car, the engineers of Total Spain, to tell you how.

car engine

Cholesterol at bay

In a blood test, the first thing we look at is excess cholesterol. If there is much, it is deposited on the walls of blood vessels and obstructs the flow of blood. The blood of the car is the oil, whose function is that all engine parts are perfectly lubricated to work as they should. How to analyze it?

The car engine has an advantage that you can not do with your body: a total transfusion: change the oil “with cholesterol” that can cause traffic jams and friction for a completely new one. Do it when recommended by the manufacturer and do not skimp choosing the best oil.

And watch the oil filter! Collect the impurities that circulate through the engine to keep it clean, preventing metal chips from reaching and damaging it. It is best to change it every time the oil replaced since it is a very cheap component and saves many dislikes.


A combustion engine works at high temperatures. When it reaches a certain temperature (around 90 degrees), to prevent it from going over, a thermostat opens that allows the key liquid to circulate in the engines” with turbo, an invention as fabulous in terms of performance as delicate. And it is that until the engine reaches its optimum temperature, the turbo did not lubricate properly, something key in a piece that moves at thousands of revolutions per minute. So start to circulate calmly, and at the end of a triplet, it breathes for a few seconds at idle.

car engine


A car’s engine breathes and, like you, prefers clean air. It helps you get the air filter, which retains impurities that can end up in the engine and damage it. If it is dirty, also, your car spends more and reduces its power.

Do not skimp on one. It is the cheapest component of a car (and the easiest to change oneself). Please take the opportunity to change it after the summer. As it rains little at that time, the air is more loaded with elements and gets dirtier.

Avoid homeopathy

Homeopathic remedies do not have a scientific basis that proves their effectiveness. Well, the same goes for motor health. Hundreds of engineers develop synthetic oils for the car, which help protect the engine by keeping it clean, improve performance, save fuel, and maintain temperature.

Some miracle additives, when they reach high temperatures, evaporate and reach the exhaust system, causing long-term damage. “Do not use any product when you keep your vehicle, but the most appropriate”, they tell us from Total Spain.

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