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A New Inspired Bluetooth Speaker of Jeep Will Brighten Up Your Trips

Anytime, anywhere, that is Jeep’s adventurous philosophy. And if in any of those situations you want to liven up the environment with music and light, this Jeep-inspired Bluetooth speaker can be the perfect complement to live new experiences in unknown fields.

In their desire to create a loudspeaker that was not subject to the limitations of the environment, Koreans Yubin Choi and Ilhyun Kwon ended up being inspired by the versatile Jeep “of a lifetime.” The world of cars has always related to attractive products of a more homemade nature such as or that you can think of

Jeep is a brand that has always stood out for the possibility of enjoying the road, even in hostile environments. Like a replacement of its parts (the upper part of the housing) if they suffer damage or scratches.

Jeep-inspired bluetooth speaker

Available in a variety of colors, the parts can be exchanged according to the preferences and mood of the user. It is a way for all enthusiasts of the American SUV firm to extend their passion for the philosophy and history of the brand. Whether you have a Jeep or not, all those parishioners in the company of the seven grilles would be delighted to have one in their hands to fix it.

Water and dust resistant

the Jeep Bluetooth speaker guarantees fierce resistance in any situation, in addition to an imposing and resistant appearance. With an aluminum frame, the speaker is surrounded by a sturdy “bumper,” which gives the product total protection against the corrosive elements of nature. Two rounded LEDs, mimicking the headlights of the Wrangler, can illuminate even the darkest roads.

Jeep-inspired bluetooth speaker

The clips on the top of the product allow you to easily place or hook it on any garment, backpack, or tent. In an attempt to merge the world of cars, audio, and technology, it seems that Choi and Kwon have created a multifunctional and unique product. In a time when everyone is afraid to wear their fragile Bluetooth speakers, this pair has given us a tough and visually pleasing option.

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