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Tips to Avoid a Car Accident

70% of accidents that occur in Spain resolved automatically. How do insurers do it? Using a computer program that allows them to determine who is to blame for an accident, at the scene of the accident, both drivers filled out the so-called friendly part, a form accepted throughout Europe, with 17 possible situations for each involved.

In these cases, the processing of compensation is very fast – it is the virtue of the friendly party. It is of no use to allege that you were wrong to fill it out or that the other driver was performing an incorrect maneuver, because all insurance companies will go to a table that reflects the possible situations of one and another driver in an accident, and indicates the culprit in a manner automatic.

Below we list a series of tips that you can keep in mind so that you are not considered guilty of the coup.

car accident

Circulate on the right whenever you can

Why? In the event of a collision in parallel to another vehicle, it will always be guilty to go left. According to the Traffic Code, we obliged to drive on the right, and whoever separates from that lane assumes the risk derived from it.

Keep safety distance with other cars

Why? If, while driving, you hit another vehicle from behind, you will always be to blame for the accident. It is mandatory to keep the safety distance, and it considered that, when we hit the vehicle that precedes us, we have not respected it.

Do not reverse if it is not strictly necessary

Why? Because, if while traveling in reverse, a collision occurs, you will always be indicated as the culprit, unless the opposite skips a traffic light or a reference signal.

car accident

Eye when leaving a parking lot

Why? If you parked on the street and a collision occurs when you go out and try to join the road, you will always consider guilty because a vehicle that is already circulating always has preference over another that intends to start the march.

Eye on the turns

Why? Whoever performs a turning maneuver is almost always guilty in the event of a collision. The touring person must always ensure that he can do so without endangering other road users.

Be careful when opening the door

Why? If a car collides with yours while you opened the door or had it open and there is doubt about who is to blame *, insurance companies will always throw it at you.

Get enough space

Why? If you access the main road and come from another secondary road, a dirt road, or even a parking lot, and collide with another car, you will always be considered guilty. The one who joins a road must verify that there is enough space to do it safely.

car accident

Do not change lanes without looking well before

Why? If, when changing lanes, you collide with another vehicle, you will always be considered guilty of the accident. Mind you, no matter if you have signaled or not the maneuver with the flasher, changing lanes is almost always the fault, regardless of the lane through which you drive.

Eye when entering a parking lot

Why? Remember that whoever circulates through it has preference over you, that you access inside. Therefore, if there is a blow, your insurer will take the blame.

Always heed the signals

Why? Violations such as not respecting a yield, if no one comes or not stopping completely at a stop, even moving very few meters in a forbidden direction, will cause you many headaches in case. Due to them, you suffer a mishap: whatever the situation, if you have committed an infraction, you will always be to blame.

The fault will be the opposite if it was reversing, coming from the right at a junction, did not respect a traffic light or invaded the opposite lane.

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